Modern Paper Art Cat Head - White for Adult

Brand: Geek-House

Color: White


  • Retro Futuristic Style! After Skeuomorph, Delayering, Long Shadow, comes LOW-POLY--NEW Design Trend!
  • Abstract expression creates distinctive shape. No matter wearing or displaying, it's always ideal.
  • Paper Art is needs DIY, make sure you or somebody can finish it. If not, chin up, you can also buy one as an attempt to make you a do-it-yourselfer.
  • * Attention! It's NOT finished product, just material package(including instructions, THICK paperboard, DIFFER from CHEAP version.). Not including Tool Kit.
  • * Attention! Almost of "WHITE" means "BLANK", can be coloured in different tints as you like. The blank low poly mask also has its' unique beauty.


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