The 3 week Countdown - What We Think You Need for Halloween 2019

October 10, 2018

The 3 week Countdown - What We Think You Need for Halloween 2019

Everything is orange and red, the leaves are tumbling and the nights are getting darker. Fall has well and truly landed. Thanksgiving is only a month away, but we have some serious business to attend to first.
Our fave spooky time of year originated from an ancient Celtic festival in the 1900's when costumes were worn to ward off ghosts. They started out pretty sinister because they really were meant to keep all evil away. But of course nowadays anything goes and you've got to love the efforts people make to stand out.
How will mega star Katy Perry top her 'hot Cheetos' outfit...she's outdone herself there. We've decided to keep it pretty traditional for 2019 because we can't compete with any celebrity snacks - hot or not. 
We think the classic witch never fails - do makeup, do hat and you must have a full length cloak. We even like the idea of a vintage and glitzy witch with a dainty embellished bolero. Being the proud makers of the iconic 50 Shades Darker lace mask we think any face and eye coverup adds a little suspense and mystery, the perfect look for a more sophisticated Halloween event. Actually, lets be honest it's rather tempting to go all out naughty during halloween and we may have just the thing in our newest collection.
Also don't be afraid to rock a look that's already done the scenes. Back home in the UK we've loved the V&A Frida fever, all things colorful, Mexican and deffo Day of the Dead. Frida Kahlo is such an inspiration to the founder of Samantha Peach both with strong identities, we wear skeleton masks adorned with bold flowers with pride and love the association.
Being fans of all things gorgeous it's only right that we pushed our most beautiful and elegant ideas first, but we have embraced the disturbing and scary to bring you some cult classics and some beastly inspired creatures.  

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