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September 02, 2010

My name’s Emma Warren I am currently studying a BA honours degree in textile design, specialising in Embroidery. I applied for work experience with Samantha because looking at her designs reminded me of my own university work, I love working with different medias together to create one off and intricate pieces with very heavy embellishment.So I sent off my design CV and some images of my recent work, a week or so later I was so excited to hear that I had been offered a work placement!

I was interested in finding out how a small business is run, as i feel this is something i would love to do in the future. Upon arrival I was greeted by the small team Samantha, Martin, Emily and Beth I was given a tour of their new studio it was like Heaven!! A room full of beautiful ribbons, feathers, beads and lace. I was taught all aspects of the company starting with the postage, printing and packaging the orders to be sent out then I got chance to create my own mask designs! At first i was pretty overwhelmed by the amount of pretty embellishments so i gathered together the things i felt most drawn to, i have also been interested in deconstructing lace to create something that is almost unrecognisable to its original form so i gathered together some beautiful lace motifs, i also love to add intricate detailing with heavy beading to create different eye catching surfaces.Then i was shown how to photograph and upload them to the shop site.

My first design was

 The Marie Antoinette Venetian Mask

I loved creating this mask, first i choose the  mask base which was a beautiful venetian style in white, i used lots of little pretty lace to cover the base to create a pattern all over, next i worked with the detail, i used and deconstructed a beaded pattern, adding a lot of the beads singular by hand which was very time consuming but i think well worth it as the beads really do add a luxury eye catching look.Next i wanted to create a striking element so i added some beautiful blue spotty feathers alongside some longer white feathers.


Second mask was

The White Lace Masquerade Mask
Throughout my time at Samantha peach i learnt that the colours that are most popular were black, white and silver. So i chose a beautiful white masquerade mask on black stick, i wanted to keep my lace theme, so i rummaged through all the lace and came across a beautiful flower motif which i deconstructed to how i wanted it to look, i added black cabouchons to add an interesting edge, i placed this by the eye so that the beautiful design would draw attention to the wearers eyes, i added some more of the lace that i had embellished to the opposite side , finishing off with some beautiful black and white feathers!
Emma Warren.

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