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May 08, 2013

Now if there’s one thing we know above all else, it’s that every woman has one main aim when she’s invited to a Masquerade Ball, whether it’s a Prom Ball or a Masked Birthday party or Fancy Charity event, every single one of you Wants..To..Look..Good! And that means with the mask on, with the mask off, and everything in here’s what years of doing this and feedback from hundreds of happy customers have told us..

Lace Belle of the Ball Mask

Now there are two Camps really, depending on the time of year and type of Masked Ball you’ve been invited to..

If it’s a Spring or Summer time Ball like a Prom or Graduation or Charity event, whether you go for a Black Mask ( as one of our customers did above, I think she looks a-mazing in a Black lace mask but worn with a white dress, genius..1), a Silver one or an Ivory one, then keep the makeup fresh and dewy, the base wants to be almost bridal in nature, ie. flawless but looking beautifully natural, with a sheer lip.


Ivory Pearl Beaded Mask POA

This shot above is a great example of the kind of makeup you’d want for Prom or a Masquerade Wedding, the eyes are stunning, with false eyelashes creating definition and extra wow factor but still maintaining a  natural fresh looking  eye.

Theatrical Masquerade Makeup

The other camp is full on theatrical and dramatic makeup under your masquerade masks

This is all about enhancing the Mystery and seductive aspect of the Masquerade mask and is ideal for Halloween parties and Christmas and New years Eve Masked Balls – go for a deep red vampish lip with a gloss so it doesn’t look too Cruella de Vil and then just go for broke with the eyes, either really push the boat out with something like this gold glitter eye here or a super smoky eye as seen below..

Super Smoky Eye

..and if you’re just not a makeup kind of girl, a great alternative is the lace Mask that sits over the eyes, it’s like instant makeup as it gives you a dramatic smoky eyed look in one fell swoop, and sooo easy to take off at the end of the night!

Soft Real Lace Mask
Soft Real Lace Mask POA

So get that makeup out, call in some friends if necessary, and get practising ready for your Big Night, and don’t worry about things smudging and smearing as the night goes on, you’ll be wearing a mask, no-one will see it..!

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