Where to Buy the Best Glitter Makeup for Festivals and the Top Face Gems for 2020

July 03, 2018

Where to Buy the Best Glitter Makeup for Festivals and the Top Face Gems for 2020

The beauty of running a Worldwide business is that it's always festival Season SOMEWHERE, whichever Hemisphere you live in, here at Samantha Peach  we say it's never too late to get organised ( hell that's what Next Day shipping was invented for) and equally, it's never too early to start planning your Festival Glitter look.
Now we love pretty much all festival makeup, whether you're dipping your toe into your first festival with a sprinkling of face jewels glued on around your eyes and are actually a wee bit nervous as you don't know what to expect, or whether you're a seasoned festival goer that jumps headfirst into the magical world of facepaint and body makeup and comes up for air looking like a fabulous mythical mermaid, it's all good..
The whole point of a Festival is to forget about the everyday for a few days and be a bit EXTRA, extra free, extra feisty, extraORDINARY - There is no better time to encourage you to feel free and go large.
First up a splash of glitter teamed with a contrasting color oversized flower tiara is a win win festival look. This a nice subtle look for your first festival or if your parents have got their beady eyes on you, maybe not a full on bare body glitter bikini just yet, ease them in gently we say..
Queen of the festival look Sophie Hannah Richardson knows how to accessorize.  We say rainbow colours are a must and no need to coordinate, choose every color of the rainbow.
Those who dare win the Award for : Full body glitter, why bother with accessories....or even clothes. Get enough chunky glitter and face/body gems on order to work your entire body look. Be Bold, be Beautiful, be Fabulous ❤️
Now we can't guarantee how comfortable this one would be, but for full on fabulousness it can't be beaten!
For all those night cats invest in some cool glow in the dark body paint and temporary tattoos. UV neon colors that you see in the day and under UV lights, perfect for you party hard ravers. 
Not a fan of the 'full body' then keep it understated with a single color eye shimmer  and a simple neutral headband for a more natural feel.
 Burning Man
Go full glitter glam or subtle shimmer with the perfectly selected headdress and don't get lost in the crowd. Remember you are beautiful whatever your festival look.

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