Exclusive Samantha Peach Fifty Shades Freed Mask Giveaway

May 17, 2018

Exclusive Samantha Peach Fifty Shades Freed Mask Giveaway

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Many of you know the journey we've been on with the Fifty Shades trilogy, but for anyone new to the story, from the moment the Costume department contacted us to use our Silver Goddess mask for Dakota Johnson to wear as Anastasia Steele in the Masquerade Ball scenes it has been insane - then of course the movie posters came out and they'd only chosen the mask for all the posters..!

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Universal asked us to make masks for all the premieres around the world, which was a huge undertaking for a small business working out of a shed at the bottom of my garden, but we gulped, said yes - and then it continued to get more and more insane as the mask was used on the movie tie in book, the soundtrack, and then of course on the DVD...


It's been wonderful to see the mask over EVERYTHING related to Darker, to be asked by Universal to supply our classic black mask for all Jamie Dornan's movie promo and even the LA movie premiere

After a bit of a rest, we got ready for it all again, first when we worked with the publishers on the launch of E L James's Darker,

then when Universal asked us to collaborate on their Collectors Edition Boxset  by providing our Black and Gold Goddess masks

So to celebrate the crazy ride, and to mark the release of the final chapter on DVD I've made an Exclusive Freed mask design and I'm offering them in a giveaway across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

The mask is delicately Bridal, in white metal with crystals and white organza lily motif with crystal stems, finished off with white organza double ribbons - made and signed by myself

Giveaway Rules:

1.You can enter all 3 giveaways on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as many times as you want ( I am giving away 3 masks in total, one on each channel)
2. Open Worldwide as I'll be boxing the masks up myself  and shipping it from my studio

3. Starts May 18th, Closes June 18th ( or 10k followers for Instagram)

4. One winner will be chosen at random from each channel - 3 in total

How to enter:


Jamie Dornan is Christian Grey is hosting this for me, to enter you must Follow Samantha Peach Masks and ask others to follow too to help you win, once I get to 10k followers we will declare the winner


Go into our website and find a product you like, tweet the pagelink and tag me in - you can do this with as many products as you want


Go into our website and find a product you like, share the link on your fb page and tag me in - you can do this with as many products as you want

Links from both SamanthaPeach.com and SamanthaPeach.co.uk will count ( SamanthaPeach.com has a lot more product on at the moment, we're still working hard on them both!)
Good luck to you all ! 

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