Don't Get Weighed Down With Christmas Prep - We've Got Just One Thing to Tell You

December 01, 2018

Don't Get Weighed Down With Christmas Prep - We've Got Just One Thing to Tell You

Every year you will be more organised, you have set down the rules early enough - don't take on too much, don't over spend, avoid inviting 'those' people. Yet every year love or hate it your hooked. You've spent so long making sure the kids are fine and that Santa knows what's what, you've spent precious time researching the organic turkey farms and the best value prosecco, that once again you have neglected yourself. The same black dress appears, the vintage ruby lips and that novelty hat is dusted. Your outfit is timeless, but lets change just one thing. You need inspiring, check out our collection Christmas Sparkle.

Also, don't stress Christmas Jumper Day, a great idea and in the UK it began as a charitable affair but you can sometimes feel the pressure with a new year and a new outfit. We love giving and Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day is above worthy, but how about making your jumper with those Christmas decs you always have spare and donating the full cost of a jumper to help others. We have considered the most effective design minimal cost and time.

On the homemade vibe we'd also like to share the necessity to be creative and use your very own elegant, versatile accessory. The original accessory a face mask can be used in more ways than you know. One item that can be worn (get out the needle and thread and hey presto the best Christmas jumper EVER), decorated or masqueraded and of course gifted.

So before you get squished under the pressure or lost in excitement ensure that you are taken care off. Meet Katherine Masquerade Mask a Samantha Peach Original. She's light, elegant, stylish and diverse. This exquisite lace mask in black gold and silver is just the right amount of fancy to change that outfit, stitch on a wooly or decorate your table. She's a real beauty and if we were to tell you one thing on the 01st of Dec - get a bit of her in your life.


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